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Karoun Dairies’ Yanni Grilling Cheese the Lower Fat, High Protein Taste Sensation

Heat up a Healthy and Tasty Treat with Karoun’s Delectable Grilling Cheese

(Turlock, California) – Research has been touting the benefits of high protein, low-fat diets for nearly a decade. According to a 2004 study done by the American Society of Nutritional Scientists, diets high in protein (30%) but low in fat (<30% ) and moderate in carbohydrate (40%) reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides, as reported in the Journal of Nutrition. In addition to health benefits, a low fat diet can be beneficial and delicious especially when savoring the Karoun Dairies, Inc. Yanni line of Greek-style cheeses; most notably the lower fat, high protein taste sensation found in Yanni Grilling Cheese, available in original and mint.

Grilling Cheese is a traditional semi-firm Mediterranean cheese, with a distinctive layered texture that is mildly salty with a rich buttery taste. Due to its high protein and lower fat content, Karoun’s Yanni Grilling Cheese can withstand extreme temperatures in the oven or on the grill without melting, and will develop a delicious golden crust when grilled.

Karoun Dairies, Inc. calls upon the historic and qualitative heritage of Mediterranean cheese making, faithfully reproducing traditional, handmade cheeses at their state-of-the-art Turlock, California facility. Karoun adheres to the highest standards using only milk from cows that are free from growth hormones, BGH/rBST, and are Real California Milk certified. Karoun’s Yanni Grilling Cheese, like all their cheeses, are free of thickeners, stabilizers and fillers to ensure it retains the traditional qualities necessary in a healthy Mediterranean diet—a diet rich in delicious cheeses and yogurts.

"Lower fat cheese made in the Mediterranean style is a healthy addition to our everyday diets," said Mr. Rostom Baghdassarian. "Our cheeses are all made by hand using only quality, rBST hormone-free ingredients and the utmost care in the process – this makes the Yanni Grilling Cheese both delicious and healthy," he added.

Yanni Grilling Cheese is a delectable taste sensation that boasts a rich flavor, packed with protein, and loaded with calcium. Available in original and mint, serve it right off the grill or out of the oven with fresh herbs, a drizzle of olive oil, and your favorite crusty flat bread.

If you would like to try our recipe Simply Delicious Grilling Cheese using Yanni Grilling Cheese Click Here.

About Karoun Dairies, Inc.:
Founded in 1992, Karoun is a family-run business reflecting fulfillment of the American dream. The company has continued to grow from creating hand braided String Cheese for local ethnic and specialty grocery stores, to producing a wide variety of Mediterranean specialty cheeses and yogurt products with nationwide mainstream distribution. All Karoun cheeses are natural and handmade using only milk from cows that are free from growth hormones, BGH/rBST, and are Real California Milk certified. All Karoun’s yogurt products ( yogurt, kefir cheese (labne) and sour cream) are all natural and OU Kosher certified. Please visit www.karouncheese.com.

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