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Position Open - Marketing Strategist

Position: Marketing Strategist  


Job Description:  


Review and research existing marketing and distribution operations and identify key areas for improvement, marketing expansion, and changing industry characteristics – including costs, markups, and key competitor marketing operations. Generate reports summarizing findings and market data for review by senior management. Synthesize current marketing operations and recommend strategies for geographic and product expansion, consistent with established or proposed marketing operations objectives. Advise senior management on competitor practices and competitive market growth opportunity strategies. Identify and analyze key industry demographic trends and develop initiatives to align company marketing operations to capitalize on trends. Research and report on industry pricing trends and make recommendations on pricing strategies that support marketing operations initiatives. Evaluate fiscal aspects of the marketing operations revision proposals, taking into account the company’s overall marketing budget.  


Requirement:   Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent*), in Dairy Food Science, Food Science, or a related field, plus five (5) years post-baccalaureate experience in the job offered or as a Marketing Strategy Manager, or a related occupation.


* “Foreign equivalent” degree is defined as a degree from a foreign university which has been adjudged as equivalent to a degree from a U.S. college or university by a recognized credentials evaluation service.  


Job Site: San Fernando, California    


Please send resume to contact@karouncheese.com


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