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About Us

Hollywood, California, 1990... That was the humble beginning of Karoun Dairies in the United States of America. A family in search of fulfilling the American dream, whose roots in dairy manufacturing date back to well over fifty years.

Fast forward to 2010... That small company has grown from manufacturing hand braided String Cheese for local mom-and-pop stores, to producing a wide variety of Mediterranean specialty cheeses and cultured dairy products with nationwide distribution

Mediterranean cheese origins date back to Greek mythology. By Roman times, cheese was an everyday food and cheese making a mature art. It is this historic and qualitative heritage that Karoun Dairies faithfully reproduces in our state-of-the-art plant in Turlock, California.

Our dairy products are made with fresh rBST growth hormone free Real California Milk. This insures that our products retain all of the traditional qualities necessary in a healthier Mediterranean diet, a diet rich in nutritious cheeses and yogurts.

Through our five proprietary brands, Karoun Dairies, Inc. services various ethnic markets in the United States: Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian, European, Hispanic, Greek, Russian, Armenian and main- stream American.

As we have grown, Karoun Dairies’ commitment to quality and customer service has not diminished. Our manufacturing plant has received a AA Grade from BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and A Gold certificate from Siliker Labs. We have implemented HACCP and strong quality control standards. Awards won at US and World Championships attest to the fact that our dedication to excellence in quality and service remains unsurpassed.

Cheese is one of the most varied foods in the world. It can be bland or salty, creamy or crumbly, innocuous or pungent, rich or delicate, hard or soft. It can serve as a perfect companion for wines, a superbly satisfying finale to a gourmet meal, a key ingredient of a tantalizing dish or simply as a basic nourishing food.

Enjoy Karoun's delicious dairy products.


Holding string cheese Display of Karoun Yogurt and Labne containers 1st place Blue Ribbon Award for The American Cheese Society 2009 Multiple Karoun Brand string cheese packages 3 different size milk jugs of Karoun Yogurt Drink