Karoun Labne
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Labne Spread & Dip.

Tangy, creamy and super nutritious, here are a few reasons to consider adding this delicious dairy product to your diet? Let’s take a closer look.


labne with pomegranate seeds and pita
karoun labne container


What is Labne?

Labne or Labneh cheese, also sometimes called strained yogurt or yogurt cheese, is a type of soft cheese made by straining yogurt or kefir to create a thicker, more highly concentrated final product that can be seasoned for use as a dip or spread.

With its rich and tangy taste, labne is often served alongside fresh pita or added to baked goods to bump up the flavor.

Not only is it revered for its creamy, delicious taste and texture, but it’s also jam-packed with probiotics and several key nutrients.

- Dr. Axe

bird eye view of Karoun labne container and other veggies and cheeses


7 Layer Mediterranean Dip title on salad image
Cinnamon Fig Labne Dip title on bowl with dip
Apple and Pear Crumble with Blackberry Labneh Mousse title on bowl with mousse
Sweet White Wine Honey Syrup poached Figs Dessert with Labneh title on cup with yougurt

"Not all labne is created equal. Karoun Labne is made with real California milk from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST. You can taste the difference."

— Yumna Jawad, Feel Good Foodie

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