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Position Open - Marketing Strategist

Review and research existing marketing and distribution operations and identify key areas for improvement, marketing expansion, and changing industry characteristics – including costs, markups, and key competitor marketing operations. Generate reports summarizing findings and market data for review by senior management. Synthesize current marketing operations and recommend strategies for geographic and product expansion, consistent with established or proposed marketing operations objectives. Advise senior management on competitor practices and competitive market growth opportunity strategies. Identify and analyze key industry demographic trends and develop initiatives to align company marketing operations to capitalize on trends. Research and report on industry pricing trends and make recommendations on pricing strategies that support marketing operations initiatives. Evaluate fiscal aspects of the marketing operations revision proposals, taking into account the company’s overall marketing budget.


Savor this Summer with Sweet and Savory Yanni Grilling Cheese from Karoun
(Turlock, California) – July is the official summer grilling month and the perfect time to try Yanni Grilling Cheese from Karoun Dairies, Inc. Karoun Dairies is a producer of handmade cheeses and natural yogurts. Yanni Grillling Cheese (in original recipe and with mint) is a type of traditional Cyprus cheese that was developed thousands of years ago. This traditional cheese, made from a combination of Goat’s and Sheep’s milk, is a semi-firm cheese that looks similar to mozzarella but has a taste and texture that is all its own. It is very low in fat and an excellent source of protein, perfect for any vegetarian diet. You can add Yanni Grilling Cheese as a side dish to a multitude of your grilling favorites to create a truly sweet and savory summer meal.   Read More...

Karoun: The Art and Science of Good Dairy
(Turlock, California)—The making of great cheese is where art and science meet. Fresh and natural ingredients, traditional artisan recipes, time, and state of the art facilities combine to create the award-winning handmade cheeses and all natural yogurts Karoun Dairies is famous for. In their state of the art cheese and yogurt plant in Turlock, California Karoun takes extraordinary measures to keep equipment clean and sanitary. A clean environment continually monitored by their own in-house laboratory results in Karoun cheeses and yogurts exceptionally long shelf-life. Modern technology makes it possible for traditionally made cheeses to meet the exacting standards necessary in the grocery dairy case.   Read More...

Heat up the Grill and Show Dad Some Love with Yanni Grilling Cheese
(Turlock, California) – Finding a new way to show Dad some love for Father’s Day is always a challenge. The usual gifts of a new wallet, aftershave, or taking him out for breakfast just don’t cut it anymore. Today’s dads are savvy to what is new and unusual. While most dads love just about anything from the barbecue why not give him something special and grill up some Yanni Grilling Cheese.   Read More...

Karoun Dairies Awarded 2011 Business of the Year by the Armenian American
(Turlock, California) – The Armenian American Chamber of Commerce celebrated the success of one of its own at their 12th annual awards gala at. Karoun Dairies received the 2011 Business of the Year award in front of over 400 guests and dignitaries from the Armenian American and Los Angeles business communities. Karoun’s success stems from a family business dedicated to making superior quality handmade cheeses and all natural yogurts and its commitment to serving their community.   Read More...

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