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Karoun Mediterranean Cheeses & Spring Wines to Renew the Spirit
(Turlock, California) – Spring is a time of renew and celebration meant for good food, good friends and good wines to accompany the crisp breezes, green lawns, and perennial return of baseball. While cheese and wine pairings are not a new concept, wine and Mediterranean cheese pairings can be just as fun and sometimes more interesting. Karoun Dairies authentic handmade Mediterranean cheeses are made for chilled white wines and good friends.   Read More...

Beat the Summer Heat with Fresh Karoun Dairies All Natural Yogurts
1 http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/healthy-eating/nutrition/health-benefits-of-yogurt/  07/05/11
(Turlock, California) – According to a Fitness Magazine’s April 19, 2011 article, “10 Surprising Health Benefits of Yogurt”, yogurt contains power-boosting protein and bone-building calcium that can help with weight loss, along with beneficial probiotics that increase immunity. This summer beat the heat with all natural, fresh Karoun Dairies yogurts - a creamy treat that’s bikini ready and perfectly delicious.   Read More...

Mediterranean Twist on Some Comforting Favorites
(Turlock, California) – Indoor activities. It can sometimes be a challenge to find comforting and healthy meals to nourish family and friends though Sunday football games, dinner after hockey practice and lunch for neighborhood kids on snow days. Many of the favorite American comfort foods, while perennial favorites aren’t exactly as healthy as they could be.   Read More...

National Nutrition Month Highlights Karoun Dairies and the Mediterranean Diet
(Turlock, California)– You are what you eat. We have heard it a thousand times but for most of us it hasn’t translated to our diet and our lifestyles. Healthy diets equal a healthy body. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on natural healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, olive oil, citrus, and healthy dairy. Karoun Dairies Yanni Grilling Cheese is high in protein and lower in fat making it an ideal addition to our family’s meal plan. Karoun also makes regular and lower fat kefir cheese (labne), plain and flavored fetas, and regular, low-fat, and non-fat natural Mediterranean yogurts. All of these delicious cheeses are part of the Mediterranean Diet and perfect for inclusion in our daily meals.   Read More...

Karoun Dairies’ Yanni Grilling Cheese the Lower Fat, High Protein Taste Sensation
(Turlock, California) – Research has been touting the benefits of high protein, low-fat diets for nearly a decade. According to a 2004 study done by the American Society of Nutritional Scientists, diets high in protein (30%) but low in fat (<30% ) and moderate in carbohydrate (40%) reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides, as reported in the Journal of Nutrition. In addition to health benefits, a low fat diet can be beneficial and delicious especially when savoring the Karoun Dairies, Inc. Yanni line of Greek-style cheeses; most notably the lower fat, high protein taste sensation found in Yanni Grilling Cheese, available in original and mint.   Read More...

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